On a slightly more Serious note

Hello!   So right now I've been doing little else than resting for the last 2-3 weeks. Thinking things over, talking to people, discussing different mindsets, core values, a lot of things that make us do the things we do. Also been crocheting, drawing, drumming a bit and a lot of gym visits. More and... Continue Reading →


Creative dreams and a Practical life

Hello~!   The last two weeks have been extremely busy with work and it really made me put things into perspective. Last time I left off with a thought of why I've chosen not to seriously pursue creative goals and today I am going to tell you why I've changed my mind on it.  ... Continue Reading →

Driving School and Priorities

Hello!   So I have some news - I completed my first theory lesson in driving school this week! Still haven't driven yet, due to the flu season catching me. I'll be honest, getting a driving license has never been a priority of mine, most likely because I grew up without a car in the... Continue Reading →

Setting One’s Expectations too High

Hello! I am sure most of you have heard of success-oriented mindsets and setting goals. Also accompanied by setting your expectations. But there is also a very tangible flipside I want to focus on today. What if you set expectations too high for yourself? A little bit about what made me think of this. Right... Continue Reading →

Some Passions and Culminations!

Hello! . (Firstly please do excuse me for this format today. I wrote the draft offline before redownloading the WP app. Future posts will be formatted better) . It has been an immensely long time since I last updated on my goals and progress! Multitude of reasons for this, most of them having to do... Continue Reading →

Setting and Moving foundations

Hello! My mind caught onto a though in terms of goals. Something we set, strive to reach for.  As we work towards our destinations, our worlds change to accommondate the paths we've chosen. We literally make our world, or rather choose what makes up our personal worlds, and it's exciting.   My path is clear... Continue Reading →

Soon Changing scenery

Hello! Currently is the last week for quite a time that I'll be spending home. The time is coming for me to take up my internship in Germany. I found out the company that's taking me under their tutelage and I hope dearly it will all work out. But no use in fretting, me going... Continue Reading →

Morning musings about Confined spaces

Hello! This morning has started groggily for me since I'm aiming to adjust my sleeping schedule to an earlier time. I'm one of those people whose fatigue is influenced by weather changes and today seems to be a combination of both. Good news, spring is apparently upon us, even though it looks more like autumn.... Continue Reading →

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