The 4th trimester – Week 4

Hello! By now, the time writing this, I have given birth and while I thought I'd give a detailed birth story, honestly writing it all down is mentally exhausting. Still, TLDR version, I had 18.5 hours of total labour, 8 of those under epidural and half an hour emergency C-section. Basically everything went 'tits up'... Continue Reading →

39 weeks – Home stretch!

What a journey! My due date is exactly a week away and if the baby decides he wants to keep chilling, I'll have an induction in exactly 2 weeks. Needless to say the emotions since week 37 have been a bit up and down, mostly due to impatience and everything suddenly getting more difficult (turning... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Brain and Fear of Missing Out

The latter, shortly known as FOMO, it's been something I've been grappling with ever since I was a child. It took me years to transform depressive and desperate feelings into self-fulfilling ones. One of the ways was definitely exercise. I've mentioned this earlier as well, it's a stress release, therapeutic and makes me feel very... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy, Boredom and Geocaching

Hello! So here I am, still pregnant (34 weeks in), still with gestational diabetes and now anemic. Husband went to sea for a month and while the adjustment is not too bad compared to the past, hormones are making me extra sad some days. Lately our discussions with my husband have highlighted that I'm fairly... Continue Reading →

From Annoyance to a Plan

Hello~ It is 4AM and my sleep schedule is out of wack. I'm not too bothered over it given I'm on early maternity leave and my main job is to keep healthy and rest enough to let our little boy grow until he's ready to come out. Easy concept, sometimes hard to implement. I can't... Continue Reading →

Gestational diabetes vol.2

Hello! Currently it's been almost 2 weeks since I started regularly measuring my blood sugar and charting. Good news is: I am diet-controlled so far. I found a balance that I enjoy and an evening snack (2 hardboiled eggs with a bit of mayo and spring onion) to keep my fasting numbers down! Overall, while... Continue Reading →

Gestational diabetes(GD) vol.1

Hello! A week ago (almost at 29 weeks) I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and it has lately been the absolute centerpoint of my life. Yesterday I started keeping a food diary, today I got a consultation and my blood sugar measuring kit. About the consultation: I'm expected to measure my blood sugar 8 times... Continue Reading →

It is 5AM yet again

Hello! Today's 5AM differs a lot from last month's early mornings. I don't feel all too frustrated over it and have a lot of food for thought. In general, my husband is back from sea, I've managed to meet up with some extended family and go on a forest walk. Life is almost starting to... Continue Reading →

Social distancing, update

Hello! It has yet again been a while since I updated this blog. I wanted to, a lot really but then the world changed. Along with pregnancy (now about 6 months along), every day has brought constant changes, new adjustments, anxieties to work through and so on. I'd say in Estonia, right now it's calm.... Continue Reading →

New year New me… right?

Hello! It's been a long while since I have written here. Mostly because I have a lot of changes going on, given maternity coming on. I will talk about that in detail in another post, when I have announced what I need to everyone important. Right now I'm in a mental state I have not... Continue Reading →

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