I did a Marathon Combo!

In September I took part in a virtual race with a new option called Marathon Combo. It means during the month of September, I needed to run 42.2km in total. The minimal distance of a singular run should be 4.2km. I did the challenge with at least a week to spare, not minding the weather.... Continue Reading →

Reflecting Past Education Choices.

After having RJ and well, gracefully aging from young-adult to just adult, I've been internally debating so many things. One of those things is the value of education. So our country has this system, middle school is up to 9th grade, this is the mandatory part. After that you can go to secondary school or... Continue Reading →

Some SAHM Blues

Last time I wrote was on the high of just having gotten my license. I've been currently driving for 2 weeks and feel comfortable with it. I'll be honest the freedom of easy travel has upped our life quality quite a bit. Husband had a week extension at work so he isn't home yet, but... Continue Reading →

I did it!

From today I'm now a proud owner of a driver's license! It took me over 2 years and all my savings. I thought before I share the DMV road exam experience, I'd share some stats. In Estonia, the passing rate of a B-category road exam is currently 46%. In my city it's lower. I accumulated... Continue Reading →

Insecurities – Finances, Driving

Generally, I tend to be more of a frugal person. I love to save, I love to invest. I love to have control over my finances. After I had RJ and of course being in the middle of a pandemic, takeout delivery had become a very conveniet option. But sadly it's a wildly excessive drain... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Cups

Today I want to approach a very personal and menstrual-centric topic and that's about my experience with a menstrual cup. If the topic in details makes you uncomfortable, this is the content warning. So what brought me to try out a menstrual cup? Ever since I started the Werewolf cycle, my first choice were always... Continue Reading →

Failed the Driving School Road Test

Hello, the title says it all. Today I went in with enormous anxiety, was doing so great until I got to a spot I was actually confident in and had a pretty serious mistake. I got loads of feedback but I don't really know how I'm feeling. Kind of numb, a bit frustrated, slightly disappointed,... Continue Reading →

Proactively dealing with my Mental Health

Lately I've been dealing more with my anxieties and eating my feelings. I went through a 3-day low I haven't been in a long time. It felt disasterous. I reached out to online psychological counseling resources, found the book "Unwinding anxiety" and currently working through it. The mind mapping concept in there (identifying my trigger,... Continue Reading →

Not all days are the same…

Today my brain feels like it's been compressed. I get this feeling every so often and recognize the subdued stress and anxiety that causes the feeling. I already woke up like this. Dreamt that I was in a driving lesson and my breaks weren't working. Actual driving lesson went okay but definitely not my best.... Continue Reading →

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