Back with Heaps of Frustrations

Honestly I meant to write when positive stuff happened (me getting into vocational school for IT or RJ getting into the daycare we hoped he would) but it doesn't bring me to write like good ol' venting. So my frustrations center mostly around motherhood yet again. I feel like society has lied to me. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Deep in another Metal phase

Hello! It's been about 6 weeks since solo momming started, I've been doing a lot, to-do lists are my life. Within these weeks I got excited for the upcoming Rammstein concert (in a few days) and Stranger Things' Eddie Munson reignited my metal phase with a burning passion. I've actually expanded out more. While 8... Continue Reading →

I got The Community Garden Beds!

As I've told before, our balconies are very green currently. Yesterday I tried to reinforce all the supports for our tomato plants. The cucumber plants are already climbing halfway on the net under the ceiling. Peas are growing steadily. The strawberries are green but look nice. I've gotten about 4kg of cucumbers so far. So... Continue Reading →

Body Dysmorphia

I've been well aware I've struggled with body dysmorphia my entire life. My weight has been up and down ever since I was 10. Nowadays it's relatively stable due to healthier habits and learning my satiety cues. Also exercise which I love on its own. Sometimes I placate myself that I just dont see myself... Continue Reading →

Solo Momming Once Again!

It's been almost a week since my Husband went back to sea. This time the transition to solo mom routines have been smooth. A lot of it has to do with RJ being almost two now. More independent, more ability to be reasoned with (yes even through tantrums). It's fun. My programming course has been... Continue Reading →

Some more things by myself

Sometimes I wonder what's the purpose of feeling lonely. I don't write too often when everything's going well, but when I feel down, my fingers itch for the keyboard. RJ is napping, I'm home, just finished watering our huge balcony garden. Husband is out visiting his parents and grandparents. I still feel envious, because even... Continue Reading →

Tiktok algorithm to Me

Hello! I have a pattern with tiktok. Usually I download it when I'm feeling low. I scroll for 2 days nonstop, feel way worse, uninstall. Repeat . This time I thought to curate my For You Page. Intentionally searching out more fan content (books, shows), liking cottagecore, farming and gardening posts, searching gym tags. It... Continue Reading →

Better Spirits this Week

Oh wow it's already Monday. Well, time to celebrate because Husband is finally home! His sleeping patterns are a hot mess and right now he's taking a lot of time to rest extra. Still, there's already some weight lifted off my shoulders! RJ is super stoked to spend time with him. Workout-wise, the week didn't... Continue Reading →

Prep course, Health and Planting

It's Monday again but I wish I could've started this post on a more ecstatic note. Anyway, my husband's return got postponed an extra 3 days. I've had a busy week. I got an email for a prep tutorial before starting my programming course and I get stuck with errors often, but I'm persevering and... Continue Reading →

A Week of Blues and Childcare

While I used to do my posts more on a thematic basis, I've lately given more thought on making writing a regular weekly thing. Monday seems like a good day for that. A lot of my last week was spent "lazily", not counting the activities with RJ. I spent a lot of time feeling upset... Continue Reading →

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