Feeling like Adulting

Hello! Lately I've been feeling less and less like a young adult and more like a full-fledged "I fold my socks and pay my bills" adult. The feeling started surfacing after my 24th birthday in August and it's in full swing. Maybe it has to do with the fact I KonMari'd 90% of my home... Continue Reading →


Environmentalism? Capitalism?

Hello! Lately, there has been heightened attention on climate and zero-waste, following from the Amazon fires up to Greta Thunberg's speech. Now I know I started out with a loaded title again, but every few years I've come to face questions where do I stand politcally, economically and ecologically. First time I was really grilled... Continue Reading →

I’ve decided to become a Millionaire

Hello! Probably started out with a very loaded title after some absence from writing haha. Well all this time has been spent figuring myself out further and continuing with the balancing act between work, home and whatever else I decide to take on. So what have I been up to?   Refining my financial knowledge... Continue Reading →

What exercise means to me

Hello! In the face of lots of things going on work-wise (some changes, some new options within my profession), it can get a little overwhelming at times. Sometimes I fail to maintain a lot of my habits. One consistent habit though, is exercise. 2 times a week I weightlift in my workplace gym, usually after... Continue Reading →

The Social Media Effect

Hello! I've been working a lot lately and focusing my spare energy more towards home, keeping busy with wedding plans, bits of home maintenance and strategizing with my fiance on how to balance everything. While my last posts conveyed a lot about my goals and feelings of isolation, by now I understand I had tunnel... Continue Reading →

A Small Break and Consistency

Hello! There's been a bigger gap since I last posted as I slowed down my activities with my vacation. Right now it has been a week after, and I am just mentally getting into an active flow. Last I left off with a somewhat frustrated note, feeling socially isolated and overall tired. It happens. I... Continue Reading →

Investing, code and venting

Hello! Only lately have I gotten out of my 2-week work cycle and took some time off. Despite limited rest I still am learning programming through Free Code Camp. Right now I am at the point where I am doing responsive web design projects to really dfive home HTML and CSS. After finishing those, next... Continue Reading →

Minor Update

Hey everyone! Just a little bit of musings... Sometimes I get anxious over the the most silly things really. I'd like to say I'm overworrying by nature, but I wouldn't like to affirm that to myself. Lately I've been filling up my free time with anything really. Coding, learning electroswing (hello roaring 20s?), cooking even... Continue Reading →

My first Test site! and Ambitions

Hello! I am very hyped right now! Been spending a good chunk of my time to learn code and I am driven. Been practicing a lot with CSS and HTML, even got my first encounter with Javascript today! I spent half of my day building this Test site from scratch and the delight in completing... Continue Reading →

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