My First Renovation Commission!


I’ve been very psyched this week about the practical lessons at school. As I formerly have mentioned, I am studying to be a painter/finisher and to my joy I am advancing steadily!

So once I got my basic skillset and visited my friend J, I immediately noticed the gaping holes around the kitchen door and built-in cupboard. Of course I asked her what is the deal with that and we agreed that I will do the renovation after a few weeks.

In the meantime I did some fun decorative  projects at school with 3 of my coursemates.  The walls were plastered and primed by us as well before the actual painting work.

This fun project gave me the enthusiasm kick for the week and the time came today for me to start on that commission. It started with me and my lovely partner going to the hardware store (where my parents work, heh) and gather the materials needed. I’ve tried to be as careful as possible in my planning and the things I got were fairly heavy together. 

We lack a car and a driver’s licence so it was a fairly gruelling way to J’s apartment. The weight of the backpack reminded me a lot of my summer hiking trips with my brother. Still, my enthusiasm just picked up as I set up everything to cover the floor and counters properly.

The actual work surprised me in a not so positive way. Apparently before the apartment was rented out, the owner’s brother had tried to do some quick renovation but it looked like someone had just artistically thrown the mix onto the wall and left gaping holes on the other side.

Also they wish for me to renovate not just the door perimeter but also the entire kitchen (which mainly consists of painting)! And given I got some extra work to undo the artistic liberties, after I finish with the perimeter, there will be extra discussion about fees with the owners. 

But yeah! I’ll put pictures in the future when there is some difference to actually compare!



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