Recap on the Work week


This week has so far been like many weeks most of us experience at one point or another. Full of work and obligations, just a tad less sleep than you’d like, but enough to make you miss your bed by the third day.

In school, we are currently having the physically probably most difficult week, putting down pvc floor materials. I have gotten to work with extensive amount of glue, insanely sharp cutting tools and a flame thrower. Cutting the materials sometimes takes all my strenght so my arms and shoulders have been very sore as if my first training with weights. Still, mentally it’s interesting and thus I actually await school eagerly despite holding onto my pillow like a lifeline each time my morning alarm sounds.

Yesterday I felt myself going into a slump, especially since I got less than my minimal 7 and a half hours. I could barely take in information during the first half of the day, especially since I am not a coffee drinker. Sometimes I envy people for it, and yet I can’t even stand lattes.

A small example of what we did (I am considerably proud).

In other news, I bought myself an electric drum set (Roland TD-4) and it honestly feels like luxury that I can sit behind it whenever, even for 15 minutes at a time in the morning or before work. My motoric memory is coming back to me, with the difference that I can keep up more naturally with a metronome before over a year ago. 

Other than an annoying eye infection, I feel fairly positive about this week, even if overworked.



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