Why I choose herbs

In high school, I used to be one of those people who was constantly sick, and my doctor was one of those who prescribed antibiotics right off the bat against everything and anything.

When I was in 11th grade, I was ill most of the time, in a vicious cycle of antibiotics over and over because of my immune system growing weaker each time and nothing else helped anymore. I was at a point where my throat was internally almost swollen shut and felt shredded, so breathing was even painful.

Of course, that was a proper shock to my family and also my doctor that despite antibiotics, I was in such a state. My recovery from it is something I find (slightly bitterly) hilarious in retrospect. My mother brough pot marigold oil to take thrice a day to soothe my throat. And within days I was recovered from a month-long battle.

I could find it coincidental if my doctor hadn’t taken a strict “natural remedies” stance towards me after that particular illness. So I used the summer to give my organism a recharge, lots of sun (as much as you can get here) and took an interest in herbs (peppermint, chamomille etc., those my grandma had sent us). Let it be said I am generally dimwitted in anything considered botanical.

Two years later I was on a practical school trip when I caught a fever and throat infection. One girl, AR, was very knowledgeable in plants and natural remedies and given we were in a village, she taught me to find different things to mix into a tea. There I found my love for stinging nettle which helped me to break away from adding sugar into tea.

By now I cannot remember the last time I’ve seen my doctor to be honest. It was only for an eye infection in spring because that was something I indeed couldn’t handle. But otherwise I’ve always fended off bigger illnesses with ginger tea, homemade garlic paste to eat and propolis for my throat should I need it. Yes it may take one or two days more to get me through, luckily nowadays I’ve been rarely sick. A whole different story than my childhood and teen years.

My interest in herbs is constantly growing, given I look forward to foraging tea materials at appropriate times, my two personal favourites right now being nettle and ginger. I still sometimes turn to AR for advice or to one of my grandmothers.

Perhaps a part of it is placebo as well, given I strongly believe in the force of sheer will. Regardless, the outcome is inarguably that I see my doctor most often at a bus stop than their actual office. 



PS. I am still a beginner considering all of this, so if anyone has some tips and/or tricks, I highly welcome!

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