Considerations of Going Offline

I don’t own a computer. Nor do I own a TV. What I do own is a smartphone like almost each and every one of us.

Recently I read an article about smartphone addiction, and another about distractions. I admit I spend hours upon hours on my phone unless there is another person I am with. Then I (luckily) do not feel any urge to pick up my phone. But mostly it’s a timely distraction. Youtube, instagram, games.

A few years ago before I got this smartphone and had a working laptop, I took up the habit of going offline every other day. It was easy and refreshing. Something to really help my productivity.

Now I’m considering this again. But with the difference that I change my phone every other day to the most basic Nokia, which will largely remove the easy temptation. Not entirely but I am lazy in the simplest things so I trust I just won’t bother to go through the effort of changing phones mid-day.

I want to test out how well this will work. It is said that it takes 21 to solidify a habit and break a habit. So I will do 21 days starting tomorrow with exchanging my smartphone every other day. I will blog the results. If that will go well, I will extend another 21 days with a smarphone pass every third day. And perhaps, I’ll forsake it entirely and if I get a computer, continue with an “every other day” habit.

But first I must get through the first cycle.



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