Daydreaming of Hiking already

Just now I read about a man who had “strolled”  18 000 km through 21 countries. Started here, in Estonia and just went with the goal to “stroll” around the world. It’s been 3 and a half years for him and he said he wants to go at least 22 000 km more.

This of course got me daydreaming of hiking again. Last summer I took a few trips with my brother, 40 km in two days the first time. Not as an impressive feat maybe but something still very memorable and an accomplishment to us.

This spring/summer I want to extend my trips to 3-4 days instead of 2. What is the issue, is that my brother does not feel too comfortable with such long routes and many people I’ve inquired want to camp in place and are not that fond of the hiking part. Maybe my brother will have a change of mind like he did sometimes prior and joined me on another trip. Perhaps not. 

I seriously hope I will find someone to hike with and I am making early inquires!



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