I can Study to be a Hiking Guide!?

As you might know, currently I am halfway through becoming a painter/finisher. I have half a year to go. The profession is intimidating as well as in intriguing. Yesterday I had multiple mistakes and even though it is a learning environment, I am quite hard on myself. The intimidation is what makes me question how well will I fare with this as a job. I will not make any rash decisions until I have been abroad to practice for 6 weeks in spring. 

Still, I started searcing around what else vocational schools have to offer. And I found out you can have non-stationary study to be a professional hiking guide! How had I missed this info in the summer is beyond me. It is all made so comfortable it gets me enthusiastic! 2 years, show up once a month for 4-5 days. Sounds perfect honestly. I am already a tour guide in the summer (a job I love so dearly but alas it is only seasonal) so I have a small idea of what the job entails.

I plan to hike myself anyway so I am up for this! And if I do take the painter/finisher job, I can still study. 

Also some background, we have these regulations here that if one doesn’t finish higher education (bachelor’s) then they can’t attend the same level education for 3 nominal times, which for me means 3×3 years. 9 years. From which I still have 5 left. That is why I am searching around vocational schools only. 

Vocational schools have not had a good reputation generally, so I and some of my friends who went to such schools after finishing their art degree, we were all pleasantly surprised how well put together the learning structure is and how no-nonsense practical they are! We can get practical skills abroad all 100% paid for which ia fairly unheard of in uni as far as I know.

So next year will be thrilling as I will get closer to my hiking dreams.

Cheers and have an Inspiring day!


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