A Case of November blues

A few weeks ago I wrote about the PVC floor materials week that was physically quite exhausting but mentally rewarding. 

I’ll be properly honest, after that week I fell into a slump. Couldn’t motivate myself to do anything, homework or general catching up and procrastinated until now. 

Last week I messed up with painting my door and my cubicle wall, the plaster peeling off at parts under the primer. It demotivated so much I obsessed over it my whole weekend and dreaded the impending Monday. I am in the middle of moving out and lost my key card, providing me with extra stress. 

Yesterday, the Dreaded Monday started with a verbal storm from our teacher since half of us have gone slack and misconducted on the clean-up process last week. I felt absolutely miserable. But then I paid attention with renewed effort, and managed to conduct my work properly, fixing my errors. I shared my Blues with M, a coursemate of mine who revealed to have felt the same slump. It provided a good discussion topic for us over lunch.

Yet right now I am happily on the bus to school, given I did my theoretical homework and caught up on some of the subjects. I’m slightly dreading technical drawing, but no use in fearing the inevitable. Last fe× days to really bring it before school break. I can do it!
Cheers and have a Motivated day!


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