Finished the Semester + Moving Out!

Oh my, this has been a very busy, effort-filled week for me. In the process of moving out, my place is a MESS. Today is the last night I’ll be spending in that studio! And today is also the last day of the semester. Yesterday I finished school 2 hours later than the last person who left because I was determined to get my passing grade fair and square. The tasks included freehand painting lines, constructing and painting a cube and painting a door to a professional standard.

I am SO relieved and proud. Also faith that I can finish this school has been restored.  The slump I was in was bigger than I initially thought, but now I’m sure I can handle it. Honestly, this school is more difficult and focus-demanding than high school and university were. It’s a shame how much vocational education is publicly dissed, while this seems to give me the profession to put butter on my bread.

Maybe this suits me more because I am constantly physically doing something and the system in place is more reminiscent of the past apprentice-meister system. Physical activity seems to be equating to living more and more for me.

A lot of people inquire why I don’t go to game design due to having some creative skills and interest in game concepts, well it’s because I get too lost in the digital world too quickly.  Y, one of my best friends, says thats a good thing and what it is needed. But then there’s the fact I don’t like how unnoticably time passes and it having no physically beneficial effects. 

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned like that. Anyhow, new beginnings just around the corner!
Cheers and have a Well-Spirited Day!


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