Hospitality, Cooking and New Home!

Hey! By now I have moved in to my new apartment and yesterday I paid my last visit to the cellar floor, which used to be my home prior to now.

When I lived with my parents, they never had liked to invite guests nor let me bring anyone over more than sparingly. I presumed I’ll grow up to be the same, hold onto my home like a private safe space. But things have naturally taken a whole different turn.

It’s nearly every other day I invite someone over and cook up a meal while we catch up over tea. I do not invite everyone, of course, but I still have a wider circle of people welcomed than usual. Maybe it’s because of the fact I’m an extrovert, maybe to make up for the time I wasn’t able to welcome people over, or maybe just because the wind right now is chilly and biting.

I’ve lived in this place for only mere 3 days and I already have had two of my closest friends over at separate evenings. Yesterday was the first time in years I used an oven. And the first time for anything other than baking cookies. As per usual, I can’t follow a set recipe for the life of me!

I read about 3 recipes, took some things from here and there, and my friend advised what kind of temperature she usually uses for baking potatoes and chicken. I was initially nervous, but immensely overjoyed over the results!

Potatoes with carrots, spinach and garlic. Cheese grated over and chicken in foil.(Added on plate raw carrot and turnip salad and a sauce mixed of mayonnaise, garlic and mustard)

I was slightly afraid once the internet was available that I’ll recline to the living room in front of the very comfy TV that has Youtube and Netflix on it. Nah! 

Might sound stereotypical but I’ve basically overtaken the kitchen. My speakers are there and I have the perfect playlist for meals to play as backdrop, everything is set by my hand there, the view from the window and balcony is refreshing and enjoyable. Now that I have SPACE, cleaning goes easily (we have a dishwasher machine. I got used to THAT waaay too quickly) and cooking is so much more enjoyable as well. I am a very big tea enthusiast as well so another pro. 

The best thing is that I feel I WANT to be productive in this home. There is just so much room in this 4th floor apartment to breathe. I’ve always had a preference for open spaces, if its all packed with stuff it makes me feel claustrophobic.

So yes! That’s the basic recap!

Cheers and have a Productive Day!


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