Workout and Weight loss 2017 summary

At the start of this year I took it upon myself to lose all the weight that hormonal contraceptives put on me in 2016. I had put an implant into my arm and the side-effects among others was huge weight gain. Which was over 15 kilos despite me training, jogging, nearly every day. The docs didn’t believe me, given it didn’t fit their “estimated statistic” but that’s another rant alltogether. I got the thing out and basically shrunk to 73kg (I am 166cm), so I dread to even think what my maximum weight was. 

I started 2017 with 73kg, training, having a food diary. I was on and off the diary about 2 months at a time. My goal was to get under 70kg. And that I have achieved. After the summer, when I didn’t train or count my calories, I had still picked up healthier eating habits so I didn’t gain much if at all during those pauses. 

Until May I went to training classes like Spinning and BodyPump. Given I was starting school after the summer, I readjusted my habits due to future time constraints and went to another cheaper gym which didn’t require membership. There for some reason the workout became especially effective, even if I didn’t take classes there. I became pleased with my weight and look which I still am largely. I reached 68-69kg.

Now after moving and settling halfway in, I got the bug to pick up training again. I searched up recommendations for youtube fitness channels, since we have a huge TV I can stream from and so much room now. I found Bodyrock and their 30-day fatburn challenge. I just started yesterday and one rep is 12 minutes. It was a HIIT workout so I felt so out of breath by the end of it I decided to stick to just one and wind down with yoga (which is also part of another month-long challenge) . To my immense surprise my whole body is sore. Especially my stomach and sides, which usually didn’t get affected much during even my most rigorous BodyPump sessions. I am impressed honestly. 

I don’t know my current weight given I don’t own a scale at the very moment but I snapped a progress picture. Putting it side-by-side to a previous picture from February, the visibility of results was a very pleasant surprise. Now that I am an average size, I can appreciate it without the constant bugging of body dysmorphia and low self-esteem which were accompanying me through my teens and slimmest years. There’s always gonna be someone slimmer, leaner. And I simply can’t help my bone structures so some proportions (ie leg length compared to torso etc.) are just defined and that’s that.

My further goal is just to see how much I can go towards being not just average, but fit. Even if average is a very nice place to be for me as well. So, 2018! 62 is the lucky number for the year I’ll be aiming for!

(Putting up this picture actually took me some courage, but here is what surprised me~!)


Cheers and have a Fulfilling day!

Until next time


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