Small update on stress situation + Gym plans


Last I wrote I was having a very rough time with school and stress in general. I spent the last weekend consulting people who are close to me to try and pull myself together.

This week was a whole different story, I was active, asked all the dumb and not so dumb questions without shame and persevered! I love it!

It’s been a full week without a despairing mood drop, I do before-sleep guided meditation (in which I never know exactly where I doze off so I guess it’s effective haha) to help my mind settle. Sometimes focusing on my breath when I start to overthink has helped me better center myself. My mother and brother have been an amazing support, and I’ve consulted people senior of me, realizing the advantage of age and experience in the challenges I am just beginning to face in adulthood. They’re not horrid, just complex.

My partner also came home! I made a mandarin cheesecake for him and it’s a world of difference having someone to share this home with. I can honestly feel the raised levels of oxitocin or whatever happy hormone comes from love and social support. I am immensely happy!

The Welcome Dinner

and the cake ALMOST successfully cut.

Thinking over my currently mild but sufficient monetary situation I came to a few conclusions. One of them is that I miss going to the gym. The other is that even though I admire the independency perks of introversion (one of them being home workout preference), denying myself my own nature of clear extroversion is not doing me much good after a certain point.

The reason I prefer gym classes like BodyPump and Spinning is because I love the social setting. A special environment full of goal-oriented people doing their own thing. I thrive in that energy even if I don’t really chat with anyone. But gyms cost money as where home workouts don’t.

Then again, I’ve always had something to spare to live a little so to say. Why be overly cautious now when I’m quite secure until I finish school anyhow?

So gym it is. 2 of the same franchise are more near me, but don’t offer spinning classes, so I opted for a one that’s about 18-20 minutes from home. No biggie honestly. I intend 2x a week strenght training and 2x a week cardio, similar to my home workouts.

So, until next time and have a Great day!


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