Update on Internship and Nutrition Programme!


So, It’s been about 2 weeks of official internship time that I have spent relatively scarcely working. The reason for this being mostly flu season that finally struck me down after catching to every single person in my immediate social circle. I felt as if I was in a light Virus survival scenario which honestly amused me.

Since I have no before/after pictures to show, I will show you what I created as my semester final, before moving on to my Nutrition programme process.

We needed to design and create a “room” so to say, and mine was a more calm and tame design. I also discovered I love creating geometric shapes.

Now about my diet! Or as the nutrition programme slogan goes “Life WITHOUT a diet,” given all the meals feel very filling and satisfying. Despite that, I have lost 3,4kg currently, dropping from 68,5 to 65,1 in about 2 and a half weeks.

I’ve cut out artificial sugar and battling my sugar addiction is becoming gradually easier. I did slip on the end of the first week by binging on almost a whole liter of ice cream. It brought about a kilo back, so the road has not been entirely smooth.

By now, I prepare meals in advance if I’m not home during the following day and it takes me roughly about an hour. All recipes found in the database are balanced so I won’t have to think much over it. Once I defeat this stomach bug I can start eating like a normal human being again which will be a blast.

Also I do not merely diet, I do train and go to the gym at least thrice a week (par this one, yay flu season!) And I’ve incorporated a daily/weekly goal system. But on that specifically in another post! So far so good, and here’s a picture of my 65,6kg weight.

With that, I’m signing off for now!

Until next time, and have an Amazing Day!


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