Morning musings about Confined spaces


This morning has started groggily for me since I’m aiming to adjust my sleeping schedule to an earlier time. I’m one of those people whose fatigue is influenced by weather changes and today seems to be a combination of both. Good news, spring is apparently upon us, even though it looks more like autumn. But the freshness in the air is undeniable!

Currently I am on the bus going to my internship place, which had me thinking about confined spaces and how I feel about them. What most people and their mother know about me is that I’m an extrovert by nature. It’s undeniable. Yet despite that, I don’t feel great being in big crowds aside some exceptions (namely concerts and when I’m tour guiding). I get quietly frustrated and rather walk a longer route than take a packed one downtown. I wouldn’t fare well living in a big city. People have found these facts (extrovert who doesn’t like big company) a bit of a humorous paradox. And yet I know some very introverted people who love the city buzz.

For me, whenever I’m too long indoors or I’m in a crowd, it feels like I don’t have enough air to breathe. That’s the closest I can explain this feeling. It has created a healthy habit of strolling long ways though, so it isn’t bad. The more nature, green and open space I have around me the more relaxed I feel. I’ve read a few articles on the fact that the presence of nature is directly in correlation with someone’s well being. I think I will give this topic another look sometime soon. It may be a reason why I most likely yearn to hike every two months or so. I’m also slightly wondering whether there’s some mild claustrophobia at play but since I am just uncomfortable but not otherwise deeply affected, it’s more of a stray thought than anything. I’m not too keen on labeling my mentality given so much yet about me is to grow and change anyway through life.

I’m only 22, and what I’ve learned so far is that I need to learn lots more about life and myself. Not to mention the world. I’m currently operating mostly on well-meaning guesses and everything I take on honestly feels like an experiment. But! I am only a suburb stroll away from my internship by now, so I’ll be signing off!



Have a Great day and Until next time!


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