Setting and Moving foundations


My mind caught onto a though in terms of goals. Something we set, strive to reach for.  As we work towards our destinations, our worlds change to accommondate the paths we’ve chosen. We literally make our world, or rather choose what makes up our personal worlds, and it’s exciting.


My path is clear right now, largely linear and with little hesitation. That made me think back to the times when I was more short-term driven. Testing out hobbies to see if I have potential for certain skills, learning enough so that I can manage mediocrity on my own. That basically made up my life. One or two hobbies stuck longer (drumming and drawing), but then I didn’t have to ruminate about secure income. Putting it frankly, I sucked at making long-term plans. There was always another shiny beacon grabbing my attention. A potential world I could be a part of. But I am only one being, I need to choose. Even when I thought I did, I hadn’t. I started building a foundation, thinking I might stick to it long-term but then abandoning the construction project to the new plot with a beckoning sign.


And now, this is what I am, a neighbourhood with lots of shakier or sturdier foundations, only a few things REALLY under construction, each of them containing potential to take part in different worlds. One of the things on hiatus is dancing. I love dancing. Honestly, I can’t find an easier way to enjoy my time than just dancing. I dream of one day organizing a masquerade ball in a vaulted hall, complete with chandeliers, music and appetizers. My partner once told me he eventually wants to learn to pair-dance. It’s something I remember from time to time. Years have passed since he told me this but given my overly romanticizing nature, it’s a tidbit I seek to fulfill. So I’ve taken the time today to daydream precisely about that!


In the past daydreams always meant practical plans and short-term goals to fulfill them, pausing all other things until I got my inital fill of whatever activity I was enchanted by. Then for a while I had stopped daydreaming. They were leaving a slightly bitter taste due to knowing I should make singular choice for a more long-term goal (ie career or studies). Now I’ve reached a point where my current goals are more solidly set, so they’re not threatened by my ever-changing whims of inspiration. I need to be accountable and I’ve made peace with that. So daydreaming has become very pleasant again.


I have time! And most things I give way to daydream about are already something I’m vaguely familiar with. I’m not collecting new plots, I’m sometimes revisiting the old ones in my mind’s eye. Maybe that’s why there’s no urgency. I’m familiar enough with the hobbies or whims, the choice being my prioritization. For example, I’m enchanted by scuba diving as well, but I know it’d need vast effort and would bring me to discover a whole new world of preparations, it’s not something I can interconnect, like drawing and finishing or past history studies and tour guiding. It’s a whole new area par from that one training session I’ve had. So I have learned to vaguely evaluate the potential effort something would require. First I’m completing the Finisher/Renovation foundation and the building, then maybe one day you’ll see me posting about preparations for the ball or diving to the Mediterranean sea near-daily. Who knows! Perhaps I’ll be hiking a mountain or decide to turn myself into a fitness coach. The possibilities are endless! On that high note I’m signing off, a demanding cupboard is waiting for a paint job~


Have a Wonderful, Inspiring day and Until next time!


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  1. Buildings can take a long time to be built, depending on their size and quality.
    I know that you know about that much better than me 🙂
    I like your positivity! Please keep it up Ann 🙂

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