Training and resurgence of No-Sugar



So! This time the update is a bit sooner than my last one (ay, small improvements)! This was my first vacation week in a long while, so me and my fiance had decided to take off for a spa resort vacation outside the city. Needless to say it was relaxing and wonderful, especially with the weather picking up. I did get food poisoning on the last day though, so the following two (including today) have been focused on a speedy recovery.  I’d rather not focus on the details of the case aside a strong fever that broke within a day.


Decided to make best of the worst and solidify my no-sugar policy, since a year ago I relapsed back into consuming more than healthily advisable. Not all the time, but last few months the weekend binging has been way out of hand. Ice cream was my downfall then, but it is something I can and will overcome. Right now my appetite is coming back.  I mix up the hunger signals with sweets’ cravings as a quick fix, but nothing that a good healthy meal can’t fix. Luckily I’ve been through this withdrawal rodeo once so it ain’t my first! Also, with my darling fiancé helping me with the chores and groceries, I’ve been a lot more motivated to cook!


Also, on other notes regarding self improvement, I emailed a personal trainer about booking a session. Let’s see if this works out, I’m quite excited actually. While yes, group classes are energizing and work well for me, the timing for them is often ill. I finish work either hours before or just after them. Also, since the evening classes cost the staff as well (understandable, high demand), I calculated that about 8 training sessions in the gym will make up for the cost of a personalized regime compared to a group class. That’s extra motivation to keep at it. Especially if my first race event of the season is in less than a month! 7km to speed through!


Times will definitely be exciting this upcoming month! I’m also blasting through finance and stock-related literature and I am fired up to save up and go through this whole strategy-crafting process! But on that a bit later after I have more info and a proper plan!


With that I’ll be signing off~


Have a Great Day and Until next Time!



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