Bike away~


So this week has been a bit special in the sense I bought myself a used bicycle (and a new helmet, safety first!). It has been a few years since I rode one so I felt more than a little shaky. It’s an old fashioned city bike that folds together, my last one was a sportsbike. Although it’s old-fashioned, I really prefer this one!

By now I have taken up commuting to work and found out to my delight that there is a very good bike road/trail going through the forest, to the sea, up to my workplace. From home to work it’s 10km and to my own surprise, it hasn’t been too tough of a ride. And it feels so awesome not to rely on public transport times. My buses go once, maybe twice an hour. My mood has also gotten only better after this purchase, since when I feel restless I just take it out for a ride!

I haven’t really felt up for jogging in weeks for now and also been a bit hesitant about whether to continue with gym or turn back to bodyweight out of convenience. Let’s say last week was mentally a bit hard for me so that’s why there’s some hesitation here and there.

Did some research and figured I’d keep twice a week gym after work, since it’s convenient too. Overall my fitness is good! The only thing really bothering me is that I cannot find my my smartwatch charger cable. Most likely at work or in the bottom of a bag somewhere. Tomorrow I will check work and see, if not there then the search will continue!

Also maybe I am just slightly tired since this workweek has been very intense, but at the same time, I enjoy the variety.

Today was also a great day because my little brother and sister visited, we binged Aggretsuko on Netflix and also played Monopoly together for the first time! These kinds of games really do seem to be making a comeback! Two days before we played Uno with my mom and brother (after a pingping session outside).

I really like board games, especially each time since we visit my fiance’s relatives, they want to play and they have loads of different ones. Hoping to expand our home collection soon as well! If you have any good recommendations, please let me know!

Well, this has been a small update, with that I will be signing off.

Have a Great Day!


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