A Sharp turn to Software Development


So! New developments! A few days ago I reached a very unexpected conclusion of applying to vocational school to study Software Development.

A bit of background about this, until recently I’ve been actively avoiding the IT-sector. Largely due to it seeming very intimidating and not wanting to spend too much time with tech. I always told myself I just didn’t have the brains for any of that sort of stuff. After all, I did go to study conservation and cultural heritage after high school.

I’ll be honest, what piqued my interest was finding out the salary positions from public market statistics. And I started to look into vocational schools just to see what was offered locally. Lo and behold – Non-stationary sessioned studies for 2 years, allowing me to maintain my job at the spa as well! I checked out the curriculum, seemed thorough. Did a bit of research on the job market and getting started on at least something so I’d have some sort of minimal grasp of what I was planning to apply to.

Then I found FreeCodeCamp. A free online course that’s seems to me very practical! Today I finished the HTML section and went on to CSS. And honestly, figuring it out (Especially since I am not a native English speaker) gave it some good charm for me. And seeing how I can make visual things happen just from a row of words and symbols, they’re like a system of building blocks and it is getting addicting!

I didn’t anticipate liking it so much but I can’t say I’m wholly surprised. After construction school I lost fear over facing things I didn’t understand. I’d say during those studies I really learned how to learn.

Since my huge interest in finance spiked last year and has been consistent, it made me believe in myself that I can be more than the status quo I’ve set for myself. I am not defined by mere words and not even the majority of my past. I have been a history major, I have been a construction finisher, a tour guide, a drum orchestra member, a portrait artist, a runner. I have been, and partly still am a lot of things.

I have been afraid of redefining myself, spent a lot of time musing over my past, the roads I haven’t taken despite potential. Been afraid of losing myself if I change too much. Been afraid of losing the things that made me special as an individual.

But right now, I have given in to this curiosity like I have given in to my interest in finance and I feel happy. FreeCodeCamp is a thing I am doing diligently in order to familiarize myself with things and learn basics because for some reason I am wildly driven to get into that school. My grades were good in high school, I’m generally enthusiastic and I believe (hope, haha) I’ve retained some basic math and chemistry. If I do this, then by September I will feel confident!

We use technology daily, hell I spend hours having my phone or youtube on. Not only for browsing. Reading ebooks, researching, but yes definitely socializing and netflix too.

Using that time to learn to code, well, it makes me feel immensely productive. I know I am as green and a beginner as I can be, but I really feel I want to do this.

I see this as a great opportunity in the grand scope of things. Firstly, if a child happens to join our lives and make me and my fiance proud parents, it is important to me to be able to stay home past that 1.5 years of maternity leave, so an option to work at home and be present for my dear family.

Secondly, most likely my investment pace will double from my currently planned one, which means aid in my overarching plan to achieve financial freedom.

Thirdly, I have no doubt it will be a useful skill no matter what. So no regrets can be made on this. How can you regret learning?

Leaving that up in the air, haha, I’ll be signing off for today.

Wish you all a Wonderful sunny Day and Thanks for reading along!


Listening to: ABBA – Gimme Gimme Gimme

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