A Small Break and Consistency


There’s been a bigger gap since I last posted as I slowed down my activities with my vacation. Right now it has been a week after, and I am just mentally getting into an active flow.

Last I left off with a somewhat frustrated note, feeling socially isolated and overall tired. It happens. I have to say, right now I feel both a bit isolated but at the same time very interactive. I work a lot right now, so I see a lot of people. Yesterday I was booked for a tour and have to say I have missed the experience. It’s the career closest fitting to my heart but alas, very difficult to maintain a steady flow of bookings.

Also bought some books after my birthday (hey I’m 24 now!), all of them on the topic of investing. Something from John C. Bogle and one book by local investor I look up to, Kristi Saare. My Goodreads is quite active haha.

What has changed the past two weeks is the amount of recognition. I’ll be honest, I am a person who thrives on validation and get a huge boost out of it. The lack of it (not that anyone’s obligated to validate my goals) is usually where I need to challenge myself and also resulted in my earlier frustrations.

By now, while my goals are not wholly shared by anyone, my (albeit messy in my opinion) consistency has been noticed. And it’s given me new mental fuel. Playing for the long term is finally starting to show its first blooms!

I’m also slightly more forgiving towards myself as well if I don’t manage to abide to a strict habit all the time. Still, I abide most of the time and everything is getting gradually more effective. From my diet to my exercise to my finances. I’m mostly off my nutrition plan and haven’t stepped on the scale in weeks, yet I haven’t fallen back (what concerns visually). My latest addictions are homemade tortillas with 2/3 of it being greens so it’s basically just wrapping all my usual meals up hahaha.

But yeah! Overall, with its moments, work is great, finance and programming are consuming my daily thoughts as I wait for the Web dev school application to get approved!

With that I’ll be signing off, thanks for reading!


Listening to: Klischee – Bella Ciao

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