The Social Media Effect


I’ve been working a lot lately and focusing my spare energy more towards home, keeping busy with wedding plans, bits of home maintenance and strategizing with my fiance on how to balance everything. While my last posts conveyed a lot about my goals and feelings of isolation, by now I understand I had tunnel vision. I was isolating myself from my relationships. So that is something I’m working on to rectify. Especially since most of the things I want to do, they’re by now passive habits I don’t have to obsesd over (training, research).

As I begin my shift in the quiet morning hours at dawn, that’s the time I browse social media the most. People from different times of my life back to childhood posting stories about their successes and travels. Being a person who loves to travel it makes me pine at times, seeing all the carefree glamour the stories convey while I post about my cat or a prepped meal or some snippets of finance quotes I like. It’s not all bad though.

Every time I get just a little too carried away with the feeling, I have something to ground me. Last month I met up with my Art academy friends for a picnic and one very active girl asked me how do I manage keep up with everything. I was honestly surprised by the question because more often than not I’ve felt I don’t do enough and I should be asking her instead. I did not think my posts were by any means that impressive.

Also, I have another friend living abroad on a warm island and me being in the cold rainy north region of Europe, it sounded like the promised land. Now, 2 months later whenever we manage a call, I get her overview how much hard work really goes into living there. And same goes for those people I know through business projects. I know where they started and I have an overall idea of the work they’ve done to get where they are. That is both thrilling and comforting! It negates the “Grass is always greener on the other side” feeling.

I used to want to move abroad more than ever. But right now I have put so much research and effort into getting things going for me here, that I don’t really wanna go at this very moment. Yes the wages are higher elsewhere and perhaps better working conditions, and our region is not known for propelling people into self-made wealth, BUT that’s all the more reason. The challenge is greater here, and it’s something I sincerely appreciate. I want to go against the norm and take my fiance along with me. Just one thing I have to keep in mind to keep me grounded: Home and family are sacred. I had almost forgotten that this summer.

Thank you for reading and have a Wonderful day!


Listening to: Summer Days – Martin Garrix feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump

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