I’ve decided to become a Millionaire


Probably started out with a very loaded title after some absence from writing haha. Well all this time has been spent figuring myself out further and continuing with the balancing act between work, home and whatever else I decide to take on. So what have I been up to?


  • Refining my financial knowledge and strategy, keeping an eye on my index funds investments.
  • KonMari’ng my home and dealing with some deep-seated issues I had with the concept of “Home”. Finally I’m starting to feel secure and treat the space lovingly.
  • Finishing my “assignments” from my fiance what to complete (renovations, wedding prep) during his stay at the sea. It’s a great strategy and helps me build a sense of responsibility.
  • Finding my place at work and feeling a lot of my positive traits grow in the process, even if it all is very very challenging.
  • Re-establishing my familial connections, especially with my biological father.


From all of this, what I feel is I’m growing into myself each day more and more. Life is getting more challenging but at the same time my pressure threshold is advancing with it, in a way I’m sure mostly with age could happen. My mother delightedly quips “ealised isearasused” which is an Estonian saying for “the quirky effects of aging”. It’s been a source of a lot of laughter lately.

Another thing I appreciate are people who are older and wiser than me not taking me up on my impulse decisions for their offers (career-wise or general bigger changes on that front). When I say “Yes” they smile and say “Think about it, we will discuss later”. I did not know to appreciate it properly until now, when such tempering has been insanely beneficial. It has helped to keep me in line and not burn myself out. The first time it happened and saved me from a lot of guilt was after I worked for my Chief in Munich and he said a position was open for me anytime. What I hate the absolute most is breaking promises (courtesy of my mum drilling that lesson in), and the “think about it further” was my absolute saving grace.


So! Onto what I said in my title. I have decided to become a millionaire. The first one in my family to have a 7-digit net worth. Why do I say it so easily? From all the reading I’ve been doing, it’s possible. With a few decades of consistency and rationality. Sure, I started way later than perhaps Warren Buffet, I’m still an employee, but there are strategies for how I can get to where I want. Mine are very simplistic and even though I keep my ears and eyes always open, simply put, index funds and reinvesting dividends until I am 44.

Also to live below my means. It’s not a problem since I’ve been wanting to operate on my own money ever since I got an allowance at 10. I lived in a cellar studio for 3 years, started out with 4 pieces of furniture until the 18m2 space grew into a homely assemble. It was lovely, but finally I outgrew it. The experience though, is invaluable. Main aim is to join the 50% club which I manage some months but others leave me in the 30-40% club.

That’s he basic formula and I feel comfortable with it. It gives me a direction that’s honestly not mentally harsh. It also gives some leeway about my tendency to jump careers. Currently there’s the process of applying to a web-developer course in trade school. I may jump, but if I jump, it’s higher, not sideways like I used to. There’s a lot of growth I’m doing currently and while life is hard, the journey is spectacular.

With that I’ll be signing off for now, good luck to YOU on YOUR journey!



Listening to: Edguy – Rock Me Amadeus


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