Environmentalism? Capitalism?


Lately, there has been heightened attention on climate and zero-waste, following from the Amazon fires up to Greta Thunberg’s speech. Now I know I started out with a loaded title again, but every few years I’ve come to face questions where do I stand politcally, economically and ecologically.

First time I was really grilled on that was when I was 16 and I admitted to not knowing enough to take a stance, even though voting age was behind two more corners. The dear friend himself had quite conflicting views that both borrowed from communism and anarchism, I learned to understand his viewpoint but I didn’t particularly feel comfortable enough to subscribe to it myself. He loved the idea of revolution, I was the “slow and steady progress” believer. Suddenly the world had gotten so complicated and overwhelming. Theoretically, I loved the idea of being less wasteful and more environmental-friendly, but felt powerless to do something.

My next challenge came at 18. The age to have the right to vote. To step up and give my token. By that time higher education was just made free, so I really liked that about our social-democratic party. I could go to university now. Had it cost anything, would’ve gone straight to trade school (now I wonder if it would’ve been better). With the overwhelming changes of moving out to a cellar-floor studio and doing odd jobs aside studies and getting a small monthly scholarship, I didn’t think much of my standing while still conflicted. I liked free healthcare, I liked the fact state supported some people. My self-identity didn’t include any potential competence in economics, finance nor geopolitics outside historical context. Wholeheartedly the learner of “soft subjects” as they are referred to here.

About 21 years old, cue another friend made who was very knowledgeable about geopolitics and his own fundamentals. He hated greed, didn’t believe climate was really in trouble and did his best to convince me with such an insane amount of information I barely got through half of it. All in all, by now I can’t pinpoint his standing aside the fact that morality should always prevail. Which is admirable, yet I found myself getting more pessimistic the more I read the news and kept up with geopolitics.

Another few years pass, I decide to focus inward instead of outward: “Fix your own home before you go to your neighbour’s doorstep.” I had a lot of problems, from physical health to self-esteem and family relations. As a quest to better my life, I started this blog as well (after many previous abandoned attempts). A lot changed in me. I found myself able to understand subjects I thought I was hopeless in, like finance. And the floodgate opened. Suddenly I cared about my career, about unlearning bad impulses, found patience and consistency as my new creed.

During that time I established my leanings somewhat. Economically, you could call me a capitalist. But to a certain degree. I love investing and financial literacy, but I hate compromising people’s health and education for profit. I dislike lack of respect in a workplace (on all fronts), I dislike being understaffed more than half the time. But I like working and I like income. So politically I don’t have a better term for myself than centrist. While I try to get myself to the point of benefiting from the free market, people’s base needs should be covered without attempting to overcapitalize on them, including free healthcare and chance for education. In those terms I figured I have no problem paying taxes. Honestly, I am still young and still have a lot to learn so my standing may sway in specific matters from what I know currently.

Environment. Eco-friendliness. By now I feel I have the time and priority to focus more on that as well. I learned it’s the daily habits that shape you. I’m subcribing more towards minimalism, through going through Marie Kondo’s decluttering and organizing process. I feel consumerism is overblown. There’s almost never an attachment to items so it’s easy to let go of them. I consider buying less as a small step to eco-friendliness. More small changes I happen to utilize are never buying plastic bags anymore.

  • I have one foldable textile shopping bag with me at all times.
  • One day I found biodegradable trash bags, and they weren’t as expensive as one would expect.
  • All my old clothes are donated to a popular and affordable thrift shop.
  • Donated 70% of my old books to a cat adoption centre that sells things for charity at fairs and flea markets.
  • I also try to use my bike more for commuting or at least public transportation (we have a car in the family, but late months I’ve found the will to give up that comfort more and more).

Slowly but surely I’m finding changes I can make while researching further. At one point I’m planning on active participation in the community because right now these are all baby steps. We all start somewhere.

Now about my dietary habits, since veganism has socially been tied to eco-friendliness to lessen meat producton, and I don’t feel I can deflect this part if I want to write this post with this particular structure.

I do eat animal products. Meat, dairy and eggs. I don’t plan on going vegan. I have been vegetarian and I need to research more on it. I have lessened consumption of these items significantly (mainly through newfound appreciation to veggies). I make sure the eggs I buy are from free range farms. They’re expensive but it’s an investment away from cheaper and common caged chicken eggs. It’s another step. It’s a loaded area I’m the most out of touch with.

So this is my status currently. Working my way slowly towards eco-friendliness and fleshing out my economic and political stances. I have never felt so young as I do now while acnowledgeing I have a long way to go and I am okay with that.

Have a Great day!


Listening to: Franz Ferdinand – Take me out

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