Feeling like Adulting


Lately I’ve been feeling less and less like a young adult and more like a full-fledged “I fold my socks and pay my bills” adult. The feeling started surfacing after my 24th birthday in August and it’s in full swing.

Maybe it has to do with the fact I KonMari’d 90% of my home (an example below).

Or maybe with the fact that marriage is right around the corner. Or maybe… I’ve gotten just slightly better at separating work life from home life. The transition from one to the other has gotten smoother in a way I never managed before. Maybe that’s something that just comes with life experience.

Right now I am waiting out the quiet morning hours at work as I’m writing this, already been up for about two hours but my brain still feels asleep, so apologies for more stilted thoughts than usual haha.

I didn’t get into trade school for IT so that was a bit of a bummer. There’s no plan B per sé. I’m just continuing at the Spa, doing more extra assignments that pay off, at the same time trying not to overwork myself. I’m also trying not to change jobs just because I’m craving chaos (or newness, depends on how you look at it). It’s almost been a year since I came here, weird to think about it.

What I am trying to accomplish is getting my driver’s license. With an automatic gear shift because I have been absolutely terrified of driving. Most people I’ve talked to see automatic as a cop out and a waste of money, and I can understand why they say that. Why learn something halfway and then basically pay twice the cost in total to later learn manual. Given I’ve gone my whole life without a car in the family until last year, I’ve never felt the need to get a license. Now though, it’s becoming more prevalent and I am consciously willing to pay additional for manual gearshift lessons once I actually get the confidence and experience to operate a huge machine like a car.

A few days ago, knowing my crippling fear, my fiance patiently let me circle around an empty parking lot (we have an automatic). It wasn’t nearly as overwhelming as manual was when I took that one single driving lesson in spring. It actually planted a bug in me to want to finish driving school.

In other news, as always; finance, saving up and investing is front and center in my personal life. This month I managed to be within the 50% club (aka you save up and/or invest at least half of your income) which is another milestone reached! Overall things are getting balanced (“As all things should be“). With that I’ll be concluding my small update~

Have a Great day!


Listening to: Tones and I – Dance Monkey

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