Gestational diabetes(GD) vol.1


A week ago (almost at 29 weeks) I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and it has lately been the absolute centerpoint of my life. Yesterday I started keeping a food diary, today I got a consultation and my blood sugar measuring kit.

About the consultation: I’m expected to measure my blood sugar 8 times a day for 7 days within two weeks. Sounds like a lot of uncomfy finger pricking, especially to me, a homegrown needlephobic.

Well, today I gave it a test run with my favourite home recipes and the needle is so small and fine (and the pen has different depth levels) that I barely feel it at all. No problem, easy peasy. Secondly, since I wanted to rule out (or rule in) foods right away, I’ve already done 4 measurings.

My glucometer kit!

My numbers 1.5h after a meal/snack need to be below 7.0 mmol/L. Well! All my meals have gotten me within 5.3 – 5.5 mmol/L. I’m hopeful perhaps this won’t be as difficult as I initially was afraid. It’s tomorrow that I actually need to start a profile day.

Based on the consultation my breakfast should be at the latest 9AM and my last snack latest at 9PM. Yet my fasting shouldn’t exceed 10 hours and I need to log “post snack” and “before sleep” separately.

I’m gonna either set my alarm to like 9 hours post snack or have another snack just before sleep. Not sure which option would be better since my sleep has been a fragile thing to maintain and I’m a firm believer of the full 8 hours. I think I’ll write an inquiry email just in case to my doc tomorrow. Today I’m gonna try without the alarm just to see what my fasting reading is naturally if I maintain my current regime.

I might decide to just have my last snack later in the future but again, that leaves the “before sleep” up to wild interpretation. Or if my numbers are good, I might just relax on that front. We shall see tomorrow. The black bread didn’t get my evening numbers but lets see how they impact the night! I’m saying this because my doc is under the suspicion a night-before burger had jeopardized my glucose tolerance test results that landed me this diagnosis in the first place. But only follow-up numbers will show. Having gotten great numbers so far I’m halfway suspicious as well.

I will update in a while, this’ll be a journey!

Have a Great day!


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