Gestational diabetes vol.2


Currently it’s been almost 2 weeks since I started regularly measuring my blood sugar and charting. Good news is: I am diet-controlled so far. I found a balance that I enjoy and an evening snack (2 hardboiled eggs with a bit of mayo and spring onion) to keep my fasting numbers down!

Overall, while constant cooking requires so much daily effort, especially during profile days(where I measure 8x a day), I feel overall much healthier. The most difficult thing is to not randomly snack during the evening when I need to be more careful about what I eat. Otherwise I can’t say it’s too bad. The meals I eat are all varieties of healthy that I enjoy.

Tortilla pizza
Banana pancakes with fresh strawberry sauce
Oatmeal with honey and eggs with salad

These are some examples of the meals I have and don’t spike my numbers over the cutoff (after meals’ need to be under 7.0mmol/L). It just takes daily effort to prepare, and a bigger workload on the dishwasher. Today is my last profile day before needing to send in my numbers and while the first week was filled with anxiety and emotions of unfairness, currently for the most part I’m quite calm (aside when I’m getting hungry).

Overall life has been quite good, I gotta say despite GD, it’s been the easiest trimester so far, which I know is a bit weird given my bump is the size of a planet and I get odd kicks in the ribs by little one. Maybe it’s the food but my hip pains are gone and no heartburn, also I’m not nearly as fatigued as prior trimesters, nor depressingly insomniac.

Overall the sun is shining and life is good! Also we assembled the crib today!

So that concludes my small update on the gestational diabetes journey for now. Thanks for reading and until next time!


Listening to: Rose Royce – Car wash

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