39 weeks – Home stretch!

What a journey! My due date is exactly a week away and if the baby decides he wants to keep chilling, I’ll have an induction in exactly 2 weeks.

Needless to say the emotions since week 37 have been a bit up and down, mostly due to impatience and everything suddenly getting more difficult (turning sides on the bed is a sport now). I had an ultrasound last week and baby boy is measuring 3400g, meaning he will be around 3800g by my due date. A great surprise was the fact his face was well visible through the ultrasound. I can already confirm especially big hamster cheeks that seem to have passed down from me.

We have everything ready right now, the stroller, crib, clothes, diapers, you name it. The only thing I’m waiting around on is my own body to finally start the process. I’ve had many pre-labour signs, ie loss of mucus plug, the ever-present pregnancy constipation going away, had a lot of Braxton-Hicks but my body seems to have forgotten about those. Beginning to get reluctant to take anything as a sign and just concede I will be pregnant forever, haha.

Crib just after assembly

My gestational diabetes has been well managed through diet, not giving me grief really. Feeling so insanely restless and afraid to make plans lest I go into labour. Maybe I should take a walk now that the sun is down.

I’m gonna most likely go unmedicated once the time comes. Call me naive but I have insane faith in both my pain tolerance threshold and the mind-over-matter aspect. I’m heavily debating writing a birth story as a blog post, down to the details and nitty-gritty. Most likely I will. For now, I’m convinced pregnancy was designed so I’d get so fed up by the end of it, that I don’t even care about the how, just that there’s someone to catch the baby once he pops out.

39 weeks on the dot

Maybe I’m restless as well because it’s been a slow day. I’ve spent about 16h of the last 24h sleeping. Not all consecutively, but it’s a lot more than I usually do. Fingers crosses baby boy will come before the actual due date! Not much left.

Thanks for reading!


Listening to KISS – Detroit Rock City

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