The 4th trimester – Week 4


By now, the time writing this, I have given birth and while I thought I’d give a detailed birth story, honestly writing it all down is mentally exhausting. Still, TLDR version, I had 18.5 hours of total labour, 8 of those under epidural and half an hour emergency C-section. Basically everything went ‘tits up’ concerning my beautiful unmedicated birth plan. Luckily the personnel were all extremely nice so I didn’t realize how bad it got until I read my medical summary after.

Recovery has been hard, I had been readmitted to the hospital with an unexplained fever they never found the full cause of, even with a CT scan. I’ve been poked and prodded in so many unpleasant ways this month, being home is a relief.

So the first 2 weeks are definitely the ‘honeymoon phase’ of newborns and I fully realize that. They eat, sleep and poop – repeat. You get 2 hours to yourself at a time.

Week 3 we started getting gas, not too bad but still disruptive concerning naps. Week 4, nightly schedule is good (thank heavens) but daily is CHAOS. What is nap time without momma? Definitely not something past 10 minutes. We are just between when he’s starting to gain mediocre interest in toys and losing his long naps. I find myself stealing more minutes each day with setting him down in his crib. He keeps staring at the monkey plushie I put into his field of vision enough for me to get a quick bathroom break. Today I bought a mobile to maybe steal even some more minutes down the line.

Honestly, adjusting to newborn life, being a 24/7 buffet for the little one has been harder than any job I’ve done so far. Also, husband is going back to work next week. That means 8 weeks solo with little one. It’s scary but I’m trying to brace myself and just go with the flow as much as possible.

Edited to add: He’s started making cooing sounds already and the mobile is working. Also using a soft heating pad for gas during feedings gives me about 15-20 minutes to myself and talking to him while he’s in the crib keeps him engaged further. It’s great. Will update further in the future!

Thanks for reading!


Listening to: Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

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