New lockdown, holidays, update

Hello! It’s been a while now since I wrote about my struggles with the 4th trimester and navigating parenthood. So what has happened?

Frogger is 4 and a half months old, largely on formula, otherwise breastfed and also, we started solids 2 days ago by the pediatrician’s recommendation (We still had a bit of lag in weight gain, but he’s consistently in the 6th percentile at least).1

I took a premade jarred squash puree but he’s not having it, the face he makes is hilarious but also kinda makes me not want to give him the premade store purees, even if they’re proven to be good quality. So I boiled and made puree of zucchini by myself until I wait for the order of some ecofriendly puree cubes that I can defrost. They cost a bit, but are in  comfortable bites as long as he’s not eating much yet and local, so far I’ve heard great reviews on it.

Another good update is that we’ve hit sleep regression. It gave us consistent naps and Frogger has gained the ability to fall asleep on his own in his crib. It makes me so proud because up until recently he’s been a full velcro baby. Though he doesn’t nap long in the stroller anymore so RIP my long walks.

Instead I’ve started doing Nike Training Club app workouts again and am loving the muscle ache! Kinda bad that I started during the holidays since there’s a big feast at my parents’ and later at the in-laws’.

Husband is at sea for another 6 and a half weeks. While the first week I really suffered through his leave again and that really made my PPD flare up, by now I’m balanced and kinda cheerful, very happy. Big reason for that is because Frogger is such a smiler and learned to laugh recently. He gives me so much joy it’s amazing.

What’s sad though is that we are entering another lockdown right after Christmas. Frogger’s swim classes have been canceled and it was the only extra (aside stroller) outside home activity we’ve been doing. I am considering getting the vaccine when Husband returns, for Frogger’s sake, because I really wouldn’t like to be sick while parenting. I know my parents and a few friends aren’t really keen on the idea given the vaccine is new and was quickly made, and of course the conspiracy theories floating around, but I really don’t want to risk potential hospitalization or long-term recovery when half the time I’m solo-parenting.

Before giving birth I was more into homeopathy, but given how that went (emergency C-section, uterine inflammation, readmittance, etc), it really made me grateful and more trusting of modern medicine. I see how the doctors and nurses are sincerely trying, and the procedures to recovery are very impressive (also epidural, wow. Loved that). Every day I feel I’m very lucky to be living in this era.

But yeah, so far so good. I’ll try to get a year review or new resolutions out before 2021, but just in case, I’m not making any promises! It’s currently past 1AM and Frogger changed his bedtime from 7pm to midnight somehow. We both sleep in late which is super to me, Husband can barely fathom how can we both need that much sleep. That’s it for now!

Thanks for reading!


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