2020 in Review, 2021 Resolutions

What is the first foremost thing I remember about 2020? Of course the baby being born (I still don’t have a solid blog-nickname I’m entirely comfortable with. Bear with me regarding that). The second thing? Hospitals and doctors. From my prenatal care to birth to readmittance due to postpartum problems to constant well checks at the pediatrician due to baby’s slow weight gain.

I know there was more during the year, like the trip to Denmark just before COVID, trying but failing to complete driving school before the lockdown happened, my geocaching adventures at 7 months pregnant, my small birthday celebration, husband finishing his Master’s degree successfully, baby RJ’s(yes, I think I’ll stick with that) swimming classes. And lastly, the small wholesome Christmas celebration at my parents’. All in all it was a good year. Tough indeed due to the pandemic, but all things considered, it seems to be the best time to be on maternity leave.

So, what about now? What next? The new year is upon us. The very first thing hammering urgently in the forefront of my mind is my driving license. I have a fear of driving and being away from it again for almost a year, I need to start working on it again. I can’t focus on IT or other future plans until I get this done. So 2021’s main focus will be to get my driving license. I checked, and luckily my favorite instructor is still working there. Husband will be back in February, so I wanna go full throttle on the lessons. I don’t care how much money it takes. RJ is old enough by now that I think husband will manage a 3-4 hour interval without problems, or only with minor ones. Most likely I’ll put up a schedule on the fridge as a rough guide. I just need to get this done.

The next thing is getting back to working out. Even when husband’s at sea, I already have time for it again and my weight has stalled at 70kg. Basically 10kg over from what I’m comfortable with. While people are telling me to not focus on that, working out provides me with an immense mental health benefit and is my favorite hobby. I actually started with 20 minute workouts before the holidays. With all that, I have an accountability buddy starting promptly from January 1st. Usually I can keep my resolutions when I make them. I’ve done a significant weight loss journey once, I’ll do it again.

Another thing, I’m definitely getting vaccinated against COVID if I can, but waiting for February, in case I have any side effects like a fever. Being sick during the solo-parenting period is something I dearly wish to avoid. Of course once the driving license thing is done, I will consider the situation and my options for studying IT. But that comes later. For now there are 3 things and it’s more than enough aside all the milestones RJ will be hitting.

So that’s my small review with a few resolutions!

Have a great day!


Listening to: The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman

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