Driving Alertness and Food

Right now I’m working through driving school and have noticed the impact of what I consume. Basically, I’ve found myself sensitive to both caffeine and sugar. I don’t otherwise notice, but on the days I have driving lessons, it makes all the difference.

I don’t drink coffee, but I do enjoy a hard brew of Earl Grey, so there’s the caffeine. One morning I decided to drink a cup to “wake up”. During the double lessons, the first one was great, super alert and all that. Then I had an energy crash and my attention was off.

The days I have a full breakfast, I’m consistently drowsy while driving. No energy crashes though but not ideal. I read somewhere it’s because more energy (and blood flow) goes to digesting.

Then one day I ate just a banana 30 minutes before the lesson. Stable energy levels, no crashes, no brain fog. So far it’s been the best.

Today I ate candy next to tea. Brain fog the entire time, despite sleeping well, the driving lesson went poorly. I’m actually on the bus going home while writing this. I’ve known (but conveniently forgotten) how sweets cause this effect. It’s weird. I don’t know anyone irl who claims to be as sensitive to these things. Maybe it’s just because I pay attention to it. Or because driving is a high pressure activity for me.

So on Saturday, my next lesson, I’m gonna try to confirm the banana theory. If so, I’ve found my go-to fuel before lessons.

Last thought before I sign off… Maybe I should be rechecked for diabetes if I’m this sensitive… I did have gestational diabetes.

Thanks for reading this small snippet!


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