Let’s talk Cups

Today I want to approach a very personal and menstrual-centric topic and that’s about my experience with a menstrual cup. If the topic in details makes you uncomfortable, this is the content warning.

So what brought me to try out a menstrual cup? Ever since I started the Werewolf cycle, my first choice were always pads. The generic ones that tons of brands sell. I didn’t even know there were reusable ones, or period underwear that leaves you dry, or menstrual cups for that matter. All I knew were tampons vs pads and I didn’t like tampons. My cycles were regular like clockwork, normal in every way, debilitating cramps the first day. All the jazz.

A few years ago I started hearing more about cups but anecdotal experiences from my friends were iffy at best. I wasn’t swayed. The cups seemed uncomfortable and messy. Then I got pregnant. Yay, no periods! Then I had my baby. And once I finished breastfeeding, I was on the mini pill already. 2 months later it started. Cycles of 2-4 weeks of continous bleeding. When the first longer one reached 3 weeks I was annoyed to my wit’s end. So I decided to try the cup, what the hell. Followed the sizing quiz and bought the cup and the soap to clean it.

It took some getting to used to and skills to get it out and place it in properly, but about 3 cycles later, I can vouch for the comfort. If I didn’t empty the cup twice a day (morning and evening) I would forget that I’m on my period. Especially with workouts. I actually feel like one of those ladies jumping around during their supposed heavy flow days. Nothing leaks, no uncomfortable “waterfall” feeling if I happen to cough or sneeze. Since I almost never used tampons, these comparisons are mainly in relation to pads.

Like many forums claim, I was also suprised how little volume the whole period amounts to. And there’s also the environmental aspect. I haven’t dug too deep into it, but hey I know around 6 pack of pads have definitely been spared so far.

It may not be a good fit for all, everyone’s anatomy is unique, also preferences, but for me I think I found a good manageable way to make one (or two or four) weeks of the month better. I just wanted to share this little tidbit of my life that usually isn’t talked about much. Sometime in the future I’ll go into more detail about my experience with contraception as well. These topics aren’t exactly small talk, but I like them regardless.

Thanks for reading, for now I’ll be signing off.


Listening to: Heidevolk – Vulgaris Magistralis

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