I did a Marathon Combo!

In September I took part in a virtual race with a new option called Marathon Combo. It means during the month of September, I needed to run 42.2km in total. The minimal distance of a singular run should be 4.2km.

I did the challenge with at least a week to spare, not minding the weather. This month of running was very impactful because I learned how to run. Even though I’ve been doing it on and off for 10 years, I’ve always pushed myself every single run. This time I got some tips and read up on easy runs. The theory is that 80% of your runs should be easy runs, HR zone 3 or less for the majority of it. My HR was always near max, so zone 4 or 5.

So I thought okay, I can give it a shot. And wow. The third easy run was a true easy run where my pulse didn’t jump to the skies. There is a huge park that opened near me with a proper running trail which made practicing even more enjoyable. I felt like I could go on for ages and way past my 5km goal.

I ran the distance, submitted the Garmin files and got my medal in the mail. After receiving the medal I felt burned out. I lost all motivation to be physically active until recently and that’s also why I didn’t write about the race or the running experience in general until now. There was also an in-place 10km run which Husband ran and we cheered on with RJ.

Now I’m back to Nike Training Club (NTC) app, doing a 6 week plan from them and doing yoga on rest days. NTC has been something I’ve returned to for years, and I’m so glad it’s free. For yoga I watch Yoga with Kassandra videos on youtube. I used to watch Adriene but she’s a bit too talkative for my personal taste.

One day I’ll return to weightlifting, but for now I’ll do what I can while being a homemaker.

I’ll be signing off for now, thanks for reading!


Listening to: Ghost – Square Hammer

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