I can’t write lately

So I’m writing about not being able to. There have been countless drafts that never made it to the blog. Mostly about my feelings regarding the future. Since my level of distress and anxiety changed often, I couldn’t get a consistent idea going. It slowly led to disillusion about the hustle culture I’ve been trying to incorporate in my life. Instead, I’m currently making an effort to live in the present, slow down and not worry so much. So instead of my usual emotionally loaded musings, I thought I’d share some things that I am doing now.

I still study programming, 2 pomodoros (pom = 25 minutes) a day 5 days a week. Sometimes I’m tempted to do more, but I stop myself. I use the Forest app to track poms, also with other activities.

I have a base routine written out on my fridge, listed in bullet points. They help me stay grounded and make time where needed.

I have greatly reduced my caffeine and sugar intake, which has made balancing nutrition so much easier. So that also means I’ve taken off the pressure to work out when I’m actually running on empty.

Toying with the idea of starting yoga regularly. Just found out the Down dog app is free for now and saw a lot of reddit recommendations. I’ll try it out. Youtube has way too many options.

So yeah. There’s no better moment than now. It feels weird but pretty chill just taking things day by day. I’ll update more eventually, but right now I’m just trying to find my groove with RJ while husband is at sea. I’m not fond of burnout anymore. I’ve had it way too often and the worst critic of me has been myself. With that I’ll be signing off for now and trying that yoga app.

Have a good day!


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