2021 in Review, 2022 Resolutions

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Wooow! This has been one hell of a year. I’ll be honest it’s been very tough. So, first. What about the resolutions I made for this year?

About working out – I ran a lot, did a lot of home workouts and finally got my binge eating under control. I started 2021 at 70kg, currently I am 60,5kg. More loose skin than pre-pregnancy but that’s expected and I’m not too bothered. Honestly I feel fantastic in terms of body image. Currently I’m lifting again 1-2x a week.

About getting my driver’s license – Accomplished! In the beginning of August I passed my exam! The success rate in my city is only 36%, so I’m especially proud and relieved

About the vaccination plan – Got actually sick before the vaccine was available to me, still dealing with long covid (parosmia). Got my shot in September, had 3 days of bad side effects, but they were still better than when I had the virus itself.

Otherwise, the first half of the year was focused on dealing with my mental health issues. I had online counseling for 3 months that helped me a lot. Especially on the anxiety front. The second half of the year was focused more on the physical side, entering running events, health check-ups, wisdom teeth removal.

Biggest topic throughout the year was probably adjusting to parenthood. It’s been very challenging but I’m finally getting used to it, now that I’m connecting with other moms. A lot of my expectations have come crashing down, especially about having a “village”. Also the reality of my limits. I’ve never been so consistently tired which force me to slow down on aspirations and activities. But hey, it seems at the end of the day slow and steady works. I do have to note I have a new level of appreciation for my own mom and I understand her better than I’ve ever had before.

This year I also surpassed my Goodreads goal of 9 books. I think I can finally safely say I’ve restored my reading habit. I want to elevate that goal every year by one book. So 2022 is going to be 10 books.


What awaits me in 2022? A few things I can tell already, but it’s going to be a versatile year full of even more change…

– I’ll try to finish my Helsinki Java MOOC courses by the end of February. I will definitely finish it within the first half of the year!

– I’ll get my final wisdom teeth removed.

– RJ’s going to kindergarten in Autumn. At the – same time I’ll try to get into vocational school. I can’t make a resolution to promise I’ll get in, but I will make a resolution to promise that I will apply!

– I will focus more on home cooking.

I don’t want to make any fitness related goals because it isn’t the top of my priority list now that my weightloss journey is virtually completed. RJ has started having big feelings (aka typical toddlerhood with tantrums) so my utmost priority is to practice patience (a lot) and raise him well through these periods.

I think that’s a healthy enough amount of resolutions for the year, with that I wish you all happy holidays and hope the new year will be better than ever!


Listening to: Michael Bublé – Let it snow!

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