Oncoming Challenges, IT

A lot has changed since I last wrote. My previous job contract ended, for now I’m on unemployment welfare until RJ gets a daycare spot. I also just got approved for an intensive Java, Spring & Hibernate programming course.

The timing matches up ideally to when husband is back from sea and the course lasts for 2 months. Even though I was applying to register pretty much at the last minute, I wrote a long motivational letter to my counselor. It seemed to convince him. Having learned a base with the Helsinki MOOC course will supposedly give me an advantage as well.

So yeah, right now I’m attempting to average 1-2 hours of active study time a day. This kind of effort has made me reschedule my overall routine and do more chores when RJ is awake. Sometimes he lets me study, but some days, especially lately, he is very clingy so I don’t get much done. While on one hand it frustrates me, on the other hand I also relish the moments when we cuddle up to watch Spongebob. I take time to rest more and just feel better. Maybe even nap a bit. And after his bedtime, I continue studying. I’m still pretty tired often, but it’s okay.

So yeah! Small update with new challenges ahead! Thanks for reading!


Listening to: ABBA – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

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