A Week of Blues and Childcare

While I used to do my posts more on a thematic basis, I’ve lately given more thought on making writing a regular weekly thing. Monday seems like a good day for that.

A lot of my last week was spent “lazily”, not counting the activities with RJ. I spent a lot of time feeling upset over the news of my husband coming home later from sea than initially intended. I overate and gained some weight. Felt bad about myself and was too tired to work out or go stroller walking much. The weather getting colder upset me further.

Thats was until the weekend. Then I picked myself up and started stroller walking despite the weather, even had a home workout (loving the DOMS at the moment). Listened through Dolores Cannon’s audiobook as I feel more attracted to spirituality again. Yeah the weather is still crappy, but I think I figured out how to dress to withstand the icy wind the whole 2 hours I’m out.

My “tuned” dumbbells after Caroline Girvan’s workout

Some things stay on my mind despite these improvements. I’m still hesitant on trying to wean RJ from his pacifier. I thought he lost all of them and figured that’s how it’s gonna be. But he found one in the evening and I wasn’t gonna take it away from him. And also mentally preparing myself to potty train him. For that I’m waiting for my husband to be back.

I’m also not trying to worry about his speech delay given he wants me to describe pictures in his books. We will deal with it as it comes during our health check up, whatever the doctor says. Not trying to worry about if he has enough variety in his meals. I home-cook a lot and my mother-in-law sends a lot of food as well for him. His vitamins have thankfully been okay the times we had to give blood.

In the back of my mind I do know I’ll be able to handle it all. Online psychological counseling has helped me so much on that front. I’m changing to be more accepting towards myself and more outspoken. It’s gradually lessened my anxiety. Yeah okay it seems I do a lot but I’m learning moderation. I will do things for self-development, but I will avoid burning myself out. I get tired. Sometimes I need a nap and I will put on 2 episodes of SpongeBob for it. Those snuggle naps are sometimes the absolute best part of my day.

So yeah, with that I’ll be signing off, have a good day!

– Ann

Listening to: Encanto – We Don’t Talk About Bruno

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