Prep course, Health and Planting

It’s Monday again but I wish I could’ve started this post on a more ecstatic note. Anyway, my husband’s return got postponed an extra 3 days.

I’ve had a busy week. I got an email for a prep tutorial before starting my programming course and I get stuck with errors often, but I’m persevering and doing 1-3h of studies a day. Even if it’s somewhat frustrating.

I’m not doing stroller walks much. The continuous 2°C temperature with strong cold winds make me not want to step a foot outside for any reason. I cut back on sports drinks as well so my energy levels are lower overall.

What was great was that I got my vegetable seeds planted! My brother agreed to help me with the run to the hardware store to get everything. Since my loves to eat spinach each year I plant it, I got a mini-greenhouse for it. So I planted tomatoes, two different types of cucumbers and spinach. Also some cat grass for Pootsman in a separate pot. Our balconies are facing south which seems very promising for a balcony garden.

The first part of the week was very RJ-oriented. Swim classes, creative classes, food prep for him when we were going anywhere. It was all good, even if physically tiring.

Overall I’ve been more social than usual. Once everything calmed down towards the weekend, I found myself being overwhelmed. I’m walking a thin line between active and burnout. Husband strongly encouraged me to dial things down this week which I’m gonna do.

About the positives – I’m making almond milk fruit smoothies for the mornings, got my nutrition back under control with a good 1500kcal per day, and managed to do CG’s 30 minute workout twice a week.

At the moment I feel tired, a bit sad but dreaming about our family possibly moving to Spain within some years. Like I’m motivated too, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, just the news of another delay from the ship really hit me harder than I’d like.

Thanks for reading this week’s update, have a good day.


Listening to: Miracle of Sound ft. Peyton Parrish – Valhalla Calling

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