Better Spirits this Week

Oh wow it’s already Monday. Well, time to celebrate because Husband is finally home! His sleeping patterns are a hot mess and right now he’s taking a lot of time to rest extra. Still, there’s already some weight lifted off my shoulders! RJ is super stoked to spend time with him.

Workout-wise, the week didn’t go as planned. My forearm was very sore for a few days and on other days I had a bad headache. Today is also one of those tension headache days. Insanely frustrating. My food consumption has been normal, simple maintaining.

Also, today I finally started with the Spring Boot course and I am absolutely loving it. The classes are online and I can keep my camera and mic off for the majority of time, which means RJ playing in the background isn’t an issue at all. I’m so thankful for this setup. It’s only twice a week, 3 hours at a time and we have a lot of independent homework in the meantime.

My tomato and cucumber seedlings are growing. No true leaves yet. Meanwhile I decided to take care of my indoor plants as well, repotting and dividing them as needed. Besides the situation pictured below, I also sowed some sunflower seeds and pruned our thanksgiving cactus. Everything was done with the help of youtube gardening channels.

Divided snake plant pups from the mother-plant

Overall, the week has been active and great. Sure, physically not the best, but I still got a lot done. Started a new crochet project as well (a Sipsik doll) and tried out the crocheted makeup removal pads I made sometime before. There will definitely be more. Though I hope I get the size right because I forgot the hook I used.

Sipsik doll in the making

There’s still been time to tjink between it all. I’ve done a lot of self-reflecting and have arrived in a place where my roles and dynamics as a mother finally feel natural. It took me so long, again more counseling, but I finally feel content. Humans do truly get used to anything. The constant state of crap sleep isn’t as jarring as it used to be, dividing my time between RJ, chores, self care and studies, is getting more effortless. The balance is still precarious, so baby steps. Burnout is the last thing I need.

Also! The sun is shining! Spring is arriving! And I wish everyone reading this a good day!



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