Solo Momming Once Again!

It’s been almost a week since my Husband went back to sea. This time the transition to solo mom routines have been smooth. A lot of it has to do with RJ being almost two now. More independent, more ability to be reasoned with (yes even through tantrums). It’s fun.

My programming course has been so rewarding. Difficult, but rewarding. One participant has already gotten far in a job interview for an IT position. It really made me decide (on only 3 hours of sleep) that I will try to go straight to work once RJ starts kindergarten.

And oh my god about the kindergarten! We got a parents’ day tour and wow. The standards have been raised so much from when I was a kid. They grow veggies and each class(?) has a raised garden bed. Fully functional mini kitchen for kids to learn to cook. The curriculum in general is amazing. I was impressed.

Our urban balconies look like a botanical garden by now! We’ve already gotten about a kilogram of cucumbers. The tomatoes are flowering. I also have peppermint, strawberries, lettuce and peas growing. Husband built all the shelves and set up the net under the ceiling so the cucumbers can climb.

2 of 3 balconies pictured

Overall I’m happy. Neck-deep into Stranger Things season 4 and participating in the fandom again. It’s been ages but without spoilers, gotta love the older teens Hawkins crew. They were absolutely phenomenal, especially Eddie, being a newcomer this season. I have the urge to draw fan art again, but I haven’t drawn in ages. At all. Once a month doodle would already be a big step up.

I haven’t even crocheted. It’s been RJ, household, coding, gardening, occasional workout. But I have gotten into listening to music again. Usually I want my mind occupied at all times, so when I clean I put on podcasts or audiobooks. Right now I have blissfully empty moments. And I actually feel at peace.

There’s no debilitating anxiety, at least as long as I don’t open the news. In terms of news, they are so fearmongering and I don’t want live in that. Despite our 20% inflation, and all the crisises, I have hope things will get better. I’m doing my darnest to keep spirits high.

I’ve been to the dentist, done all my checkups and started taking extra care of my health. This is also the first summer I’ll be consistently using sunscreen. Usually we have this scramble to tan when summer comes and get weird comments when we don’t. This year, at most, I might get my face and arms tanned because who has time to go to the beach consistently when solo momming a toddler haha. Playgrounds, sure! So this year I’m gonna be out of the norm. The melanoma check three weeks ago prompted me to even think about it.

Also, side note influence from Stranger Strings, I feel my rock and metal phase returning. In a week I’ll get a wolf cut as well. Never had one but kinda wanted one, going back and forth if I could pull it off. I think the impending Rammstein concert in July will only empower the phase and I’m so here for it!

So yeah! I’m in a good place! For now I’ll sign off.

Have a Great day!


Listening to: Rob Zombie – Dragula

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