I got The Community Garden Beds!

As I’ve told before, our balconies are very green currently. Yesterday I tried to reinforce all the supports for our tomato plants. The cucumber plants are already climbing halfway on the net under the ceiling. Peas are growing steadily. The strawberries are green but look nice. I’ve gotten about 4kg of cucumbers so far.

So last month I discovered there was a community garden close by. It had multiple raised garden beds and I wrote an inquiry to rent one or two. Today I finally got the final details and confirmation! It’s just past Summer Solstice, I’m in zone 6b, and it should still be a good time for carrots and peas. I’ll go get some bamboo supports and some lettuce seeds as well.

I don’t know why, but I absolutely love gardening vegetables. I was so bad with all plants before, basically all my life until recently, but right now with proper research I’ve managed to get everything thriving with my husband. He also loves gardening. We both love it a lot.

Just really wanted to share this exciting news! Here are some balcony pics!

On that note I’ll be signing off for now! Have a good day!


Listening to: Djo – Personal Lies

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