Deep in another Metal phase


It’s been about 6 weeks since solo momming started, I’ve been doing a lot, to-do lists are my life. Within these weeks I got excited for the upcoming Rammstein concert (in a few days) and Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson reignited my metal phase with a burning passion. I’ve actually expanded out more. While 8 years ago I was mainly into folk metal and went to Metsatöll’s concerts, right now I have more Ozzy, Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica and W.A.S.P playing on my Spotify. The last one especially often. It’s just a vibe. I’ll be honest, my midnight wolf cut done in front of the mirror with Brad Mondo’s tutorial playing on my phone – this phase was a BIG reason to do it. And I love it so much I think I’m gonna keep cutting my hair on my own.

Drew Eddie after the show finale

I also thrifted a denim vest to start a battle jacket. Rammstein will be my first embroidered patch. But my backpatch – I thought about it, and it can’t be anyone else but Metsatöll for me. They’re local, they’re epic, their concerts mark a beginning of free self-expression, they are close to my heart in many ways.

Humble beginnings

I’m just diving into the scene more in my own little ways. My appearance doesn’t really say “Rocker” or “Metalhead”. Day to day I choose minimalistic comfort over stylistic statements. But when I go out somewhere that’s not groceries, the playground or the community garden, I love to “doll up” and dress for the occasion. But hey, realistically, as a stay at home mom, those opportunities don’t happen too often. Which is another reason to value and relish them.

I did a makeup test as well for the upcoming concert, ordered chains and rings and other accessories that arrived in time. I’ll be wearing my trusty leather jacket that’s probably older than me (found it in my parents’ closet 8 years ago and they let me keep it). I’m just super stoked. My mother-in-law will stay with RJ for the evening and I’m insanely grateful.

Makeup test

I did have a low mood week but this one was relatively smooth. I maintained all the chores, actually amped up quality time with RJ, stayed on top of things as I tried to figure out what was wrong for me to feel like that. Long story short, I was panicky about the future and being in my late 20s already. Weird to think I’m turning 27 in a few weeks. I remember my mom vividly when she was that age. But yeah. Talking out with my closest friends, with my husband, the panic finally passed and I’ve felt empowered ever since. Now time to focus on making Rammstein THE experience of the year!


Listening to: W.A.S.P. – Wild Child

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