I’m Ann and this blog is dedicated towards the universal quest of balance in life, which I will elaborate on through my own perspective, struggles, achievements and so on. I hope this blog serves for me as a motivation to better myself.

I am 22 years old, working part-time as a gift wrapper and studying for the profession of painter/finisher.  I have an absolutely wonderful partner and two cats called Juss and Pootsman. I live in a tiny cellar-floor studio. Weight loss is something I’m working on and am halfway there, so the ugliest struggle on that front is over. Still, my self-image tends to rollercoaster and I know that is mostly psychological. There is great hesitation and constant mental deliberation about my possible future career path and if I should dedicate myself to art or drumming professionally down the line.

I’ll be writing around those topics, what ever will be currently on my mind. Sometimes I get specific. Sometimes I want a broader scope. Welcome to anyone taking interest in reading this!



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