A crazy Craft Project!

So! Today I found out my university’s Christmas party theme is fairy tale and I had a strike of inspiration, deciding to go as the Snow Queen. I got white-blue contact lenses ordered, white face paint ready and a DIY dress project! Initially I wanted to use a basic white blouse and skirt, decorating it Christmas tree decorations (you know that long fuzzy thing going around the tree, don’t know the word for it) BUT….

But now I had another strike and realized white plastic glimmers very adequately to my goals. So. I’m making a gown out of white plastic bags. I have until 15th of December and I’ve already started. I keep humming over and over “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag~” (I never really liked that song but I’m always down for some silly memeage).

My husband (not legally yet but in my heart, so I shall call him that. It just feels most accurate in English to me…) promised to scout for bags and it makes me laugh how he supports my not exactly common ideas and enthusiasm. 

I’ll update on that day how it all came out. Or maybe prior when I have something substantial to show already. Because this is just the beginning. I have some plastic giftwrapping ribbon I intend to use for extra effects and painted wire. 

Cheers and have a Creative day~!


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