2018 Work-out Plans and little Recap!

 Happy Holidays everyone! 

Today I got home from my parents Christmas Dinner and they gifted me a scale since I didn’t own one, yet switched for home workouts ever since I moved. Regarding working out and weight loss, I’m all about numbers. Not necessarily the scale as primary, but calories and pulse, minutes, amounts and reps.

A lot of people around me work out according to feeling, some advocate against calorie counting. But that’s for me when progress was truly made. So to each their own! I just like to get into statistics of things!

My mother wanted to hit the gym with me from January. I’m all ready for it, but knowing her job schedule, I’m afraid it will be highly sporadic on her part. So in addition, given I’ve established a workout routine at home, materials ready, I roped my last-year gym buddy in for a challenge. About that more in just a moment~

Today I decided just for kicks (after watching Police Academy) to search up some retro aerobic workouts. I honestly felt silly the first three minutes of doing Esquire’s Dance Away. The leotards, the old music. But the moves actually took some effort to keep up, and soon my heart rate was up, I was breaking a sweat and I felt absolutely delighted.

In extension I searched up some contemporary dance cardio videos and a boot camp bodyweight workout. We agreed with A(my gym buddy) to do 2x cardio and 2x strenght a week according to what I searched up, sometimes maybe alterations if we manage to meet up to the gym. We recap on Sunday evenings with 4 selfies, each taken after a workout.  We are doing this for 5 weeks and then changing the routines up to 4 weeks at a time. (I told you I really liked numbers haha).

Let’s talk about goals now.

I started 2017 with 73kg. My goal was then to get under 70. Currently I am 69kg, in 2018 my goal is to reach 62kg. 

After that, I’ll turn my sights to toning or to just keep up regularly training because I really do like working out as stress relief. I want to feel like I have endurance. The thing is I’ve never been a top performer in sports, not in school, not ever. My cousins were. And I was envious of their trophies for years, feeling like my academic acievements on paper didn’t measure up in the eyes of adults. But over time it has taught me to be humble, that I can’t nor don’t need to be top-gun everywhere. It was the crack in the unhealthy level of a perfectionist streak I was developing. So by today I take joy in progress. And maybe why I enjoy working out is because I feel that’s truly the one thing I am doing solely for myself. That I don’t need to prove anything, have a deadline to someone else, to outdo anyone. I get the benefits or the backfires. I have time with this, I’m only accountable to myself in the end. It’s teaching me to value as well as discipline myself. All in all, I love to exercise as a hobby. 

Most of you are probably stronger, faster or more flexible than me and that’s good. I don’t feel the envious stab I had in my gut at 13. So keep doing you, I’ll do me, as long as we keep growing in some good direction!


Cheers and have an Awesome Holiday~!


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