I joined a nutrition programme~


For a quick update before I segway into the titled topic, school is over, I will review my painting projects in another post, soon begins my internship!

I have a bit more free time currently, given I quit my gift-wrapping job as well. Thus me and my partner went to a career seminar few days ago, and a noted local nutritionist was holding a lecture. We arrived to the segment about goals and for the Q&A section.

After that, I gave joining his nutrition programme a thought for a day and decided to give it a go, very unsure if it’s gonna be expensive and time consuming locking myself up in the kitchen or manaegable. Just for experimenting I filtered to the cheapest and fastest recipes to make. Since they are all balanced macros, I can choose another breakfast/lunch/dinner recipe sorted by the mealtime. And the programme gives options to replace some ingerdients and all the amounts are given tailored to my own weight/height/activity level.

What really baffled me was how delicious things that I wouldn’t otherwise eat had become. For example bell peppers. I disliked them so much prior, and then half of my dinner turned out to be bell peppers.

And these meals are very filling. My stomach stays full for a long time while usually I’d already be hungry and that honestly confused my brain the first day, kinda “It’s been 3 hours, how am I not hungry yet!?” kind of deal. Currently I am on Day 3 with a cleaned up diet and I look forward to more even if it’s baffling how such filling meals can be low calories.

By now I’m looking forward to cooking each day and despite my days being active with internship and workout, I feel Im getting a finer appreciaton for culinary arts, even if I’m just beginning. While I used to eat for solely filling up my stomach, which was quite fast paced, now I find myself slowing down, savouring and analyzing if and what to add in terms of seasoning. It’s made preparing and eating meals much more exciting.

Let’s see then how I hold up with eating clean and casting off my sugar addiction!

Have a Great day and Until next time!


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