Soon Changing scenery


Currently is the last week for quite a time that I’ll be spending home. The time is coming for me to take up my internship in Germany. I found out the company that’s taking me under their tutelage and I hope dearly it will all work out. But no use in fretting, me going is set in stone (unless I want huge complications) and it’s fairly useless to worry about what’s going to come anyway.

For now I’ve been doing my independent hours and working on some furniture at home. It’s difficult to motivate myself for it but the usual press of time is starting to tickle the back of my mind. Usually it’s stronger, given I’ve been a last-minute person most of my life. It’s a habit that’s been slowly broken during the last year. My hours would most likely be already filled had I not fallen ill with a sore throat. Guess I was too overzealous about taking my workouts outdoors so early in the spring! So this sickness is on me and I take full responsibility as I nurse myself back to health, haha.

I cancelled my gym membership, made sure I had as little hobbyistic loose ends as possible before I leave to Germany. It’s like I’ll cease to exist for 6 weeks and go through a metamorphosis, coming back to open a new chapter in my life. I dislike creating habits in the now that I’ll need to break in the near-future. So plans have been made and things have been put on hold. That’s actually the sort of tempering lots of my whims need, as much as I know myself.

Lately, a Tai Chi class near me has caught my attention, so once I finish school (literally 10 days after my return) I am planning to take it on. Then again my main priority is saving up and locking myself down to ensure an active summer in the finisher profession. Given this is happening as a fresh business with my coursemate, I do not have any idea of our work rates yet.

Currently, Germany is not on my mind more than all the necessary steps I need to take to get me and the other girls there safely and on time. And of course the following steps to ensure the success of my internship.

The one thing that’s bugging me is that I needed to get my cat extra immune shots for 5 days straight. I went in for one and they told me afterwards that they’re out and will call me once the medicine comes. They know the date of my departure but alas, no phone call so far. Currently the eye drops are helping to keep symptoms at bay but it’s still mildly frustrating. A friend will be house-sitting for me and I’d hate to put extra pressure on her. I’m elated for the fact my partner will be back from the sea before me and arriving home to someone waiting for you really warms the depths of my heart~!

Overall, everything will be smoothened out and this year I will get my footing! It’s time to start properly working and properly living with effort and purpose! There is enough life force to see those goals through and keep cultivating good habits. With that I’m signing off for now~


Have a Great day and Until next time!


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