Investing, code and venting


Only lately have I gotten out of my 2-week work cycle and took some time off. Despite limited rest I still am learning programming through Free Code Camp. Right now I am at the point where I am doing responsive web design projects to really dfive home HTML and CSS. After finishing those, next up us Javascript.

I also went to a finance seminar hosted by a local bank and finally got a thorough and full view of a microinvesting tool for indexfunds. Did a lot of resrarch today and tied it to my debit card (aka every time I make a purchase, it rounds the sum up to a full number and the difference goes to the microinvesting account).

I’m feeling absolutely hype about it, about being able to break out of the local market with minimal costs. As I am reading everywhere – Time and compound interest are an investor’s best friends and my expected time horizon is well past 10 years.

What I am not so hype about, is the fact I am the only one that seems to be ecstatic about my plans. A lot of times when I share even tidbits of my ambitions related to anything other than diet or fitness, I’m met with silence or very lukewarm words of support. The kind that tells me that behind it are multitude of other feelings. Doubt, scepticism. I’m used to seeing it occasionally, but this reaction has become more of a rule than exception. Like my plans sound Utopian. And I can see why they seem like that.

But I really miss having more like-minded people on this front to discuss these topics with. Online, of course a bit easier to find, but namely in real life. I can talk to a few of my closest friends uncensored that don’t have walls of hesitation rise up at the mention of saving up and investing. But I have not met anyone in a casual setting that is roughly on the same road as me.

My fiance has other priorities as well and seems to currently focus on month-to-month work than creating a passive income. I can’t blame him, there is a lot of things going on with his Masters’ degree and so on. He is being very diligent and I admire that.

The point is, this front and these ambitions feel really lonely. I guess this is something I will have to accept. When I get hyped over another milestone, it’s going to be just me for a bit.

Thanks for reading and Until next time!


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