I did it!

From today I’m now a proud owner of a driver’s license! It took me over 2 years and all my savings. I thought before I share the DMV road exam experience, I’d share some stats.

  • In Estonia, the passing rate of a B-category road exam is currently 46%. In my city it’s lower.
  • I accumulated 99 official lesson hours in driving school. Mandatory amount is only 30 lessons.
  • With the exam fees, I spent about 2600 euros in total. On average, people try to spend less than 1000-1200 euros.

I brought these numbers up to put some perspective about how this experience has been for me. I’ve posted before about my grievances over the process. It’s been one hell of a journey to the license.

Anyhow, I show up to the DMV, half an our before my exam, feeling like I’m gonna throw up from extreme anxiety. Sure enough, 5 minutes before the exam starts, the examiner introduces himself and I realize he’s one of the strictest ones. Decided to just roll with it, introduced myself, showed my ID and vaccination passport and went to the vehicle.

I walked around it, checking if the tires are ok and the lights and plates clean. Sat into the car and he asked me if I ever drove this specific model. I told him no, he explained a few differences (non-automatic hand break and key ignition. The family car and my instructor’s are both full automatics). And then we took off. And wow. It was actually easier than my regular driving lesson. I calmed down immediately after the first turn to the road. I was enjoying it. The examiner gave me directions with a good timing, I did parallel parking, 3-point turn and parking with a maneuver. All passed. Countryside road, small roads, city roads, roundabouts. No issues.

I passed with flying colors. When he said I can drive as of today I thought I was gonna burst out in tears of joy. I thanked him and he said “What for, I wasn’t the one driving.” Even so, I still thanked him for a pleasant exam.

And here I am! I’m a driver! My BIGGEST goal of the year got completed yesterday. And it was done during the period when my husband is still at sea. I’m insanely grateful. Even if it took me 3x more effort than average to learn to drive solidly. Wow.

Thanks for reading this speedily done post!

See you next time!


Listening to (audiobook): N.Shusterman – “The Toll”

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